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     The Journal of Social and Human Sciences, which was founded at the University of Batna, after a decision initiated by a group of scholars in social sciences and humanities, aimed to serve as a scientific platform for the discussion of ideas, and a as forum that contributes to the promotion of creativity in the various areas of thoughts and knowledge; that was so because they were convinced that a scholar is not only the one who transmits knowledge, but also the one who produces knowledge, aspires to lead, eager to reach the knowledge frontiers that are renewed constantly, and furthermore, a researcher who seeks to embrace, develop and employ thoughts.

     As the journal is limited to covering the fields of social sciences and humanities, that is because these sciences converge in many aspects and, therefore, because they all stem from one common origin; this is despite the fact that modern civilization has imposed many forms of separation and limits of differentiation between them. Thus, within this holistic approach, It was adopted that the journal should be trilingual in order to realize the need for knowledge exchange between different languages, but of course, bearing in mind that this should not be through assignment of personal requirements.

     On the one hand, the journal is semi-annual, published twice a year, in June and then in December, respectively. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the first issue was published in June 1994 and then reached 41 in December 2019.

  •  Ensure the  enrichment of social sciences and humanities field with the latest research and scientific studies.   
  • Provide opportunities for creativity in thought and advancement in knowledge.
  • The Journal contributes to the promotion of scientific research, both within and outside Algerian universities, by providing opportunities for researchers to publish their studies and works.
  • Striving to develop scientific research in the field of social sciences and humanities, as the journal is a scientific field accessible to researchers and scholars in Algeria and beyond.
  •  Urging and supporting various scientific research activities in the field of social sciences and humanities.
  • Highlighting scientific researches and studies based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis in the various fields of social sciences and humanities.
  •  Enriching libraries with various scientific research topics, and providing scientifically valuable references to students.
  •  Taking advantage of scientific progress and technological development to serve humanity.