The Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities welcomes you.
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The Journal of Social and Human Sciences – University of Batna – is characterized by its purely scientific academic nature. It was founded by a group of qualified professors to serve as a scientific interface for the university and its three-language product (Arabic, French, English):

– To promote the field of social sciences and humanities with the latest scientific research.

– Provide the opportunity for intellectual creativity and knowledge production.

– Contribution of the magazine to the promotion of scientific research at the level of the Algerian University and outside, by enabling professors to publish their research and studies.

– Developing scientific research in the field of social and human sciences, as the journal is a scientific space available to researchers in Algeria and abroad.

– To stimulate and strengthen the movement of scientific research in the field of social sciences and humanities.

– To encourage research that adopts quantitative and qualitative analytical methods in the fields of social and human sciences.

– Enriching the library with various scientific research topics and providing references of scientific value to the students.

– Taking advantage of scientific progress and technological development to serve humanity.