The Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities welcomes you.
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The Journal of Social and Human Sciences is open to all researchers inside and outside Algeria. The journal’s scientific research is subject to conditions that researchers must adhere to:
  1. The research submitted for publication shall be authentic, serious, objective and sound, and has not been published in any form.
  2. The search should not exceed 6000 words and not less than 4000 words, including margins and references.
  3. The research should include two summaries, one in Arabic and the other in one of the two foreign languages (English or French). The summary includes the objective of the research and the results obtained.
  4. The research done in Arabic should be done in a simplified Arabic font. The research done in a foreign language will be edited in Times New Roman font size 12.
  5. The research should be sent in four copies with a CD or by e-mail to the magazine.
  6. The following footnotes shall be taken into account:
    • If the reference is a book, enter the full name of the author, the title of the book in a different font (place of publication: publisher, year of publication), page.
    • If the reference is periodic, enter the researcher’s full name, the title of the research, between two double, the name of the journal in a different font, number (date issued), page.
    • If the website, enter the full name of the researcher, the title of the research, other information such as the place of submission of work (and history), and then record this site fully and accurately.
    • The margins are listed below the page.
  7. to include bibliography in the last search, sorted alphabetically.
  8. Research sent to the magazine is not returned to the owners published or not published.